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Bye,bye Turkey. Bonjour France!

2 Sep

The end of August was celebrated by a trip to our local Turkish restaurant the Grille. We feasted on home baked sesame bread, starters of Borek (pastry stuffed with feta) and a ezma a spicy fresh veg mix. Mr M had an Iskender kebab, pitta, lamb chunks, tomato sauce and yogurt. I went for a traditional lamb Shish kebab. A great end to a good month.

Our month of French food began with a lazy tea of frittes and ouef and bacon. Proper service resumed today.

Succulent duck breast, pan fried to crisp up the skin and then oven cooked and rested before serving. Accompanied with peppery puy lentils and a tart plum sauce made with our own plums. A good start Mr M gave it 8.5.



Baked pasta and cheese

27 Aug

A return to Turkish dinners after a long break, think we missed a blog on Shepherds spinach a simple tasty spinach, rice and lamb mince meal. Any how today I went for something quick and comforting courtesy of the ever dependable Claudia Roden.

Crushed tagliatelle in a feta flavoured egg custard sauce with green salad. Simples. Boil milk, pour onto beaten eggs. Crumble in feta. Cook pasta til al dented, pour into a greased dish. Top with feta sauce and bake in a medium oven for half an hour.

Mr M gave it just 6.5 out of 10, essentially a posh pasta bake I think it was a bit simple for his liking after a week of super fresh seafood and bbq. Hopefully the next few days of Turkish offerings will fare better!