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Cod with Chermoula on oven cooked potatoes and tomatoes

25 Jun

Finally a blog for a meal I have just eaten, must be the weekend!

Cod was marinaded in a Chermoula sauce (coriander, garlic, paprika, chilli, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil) for half an hour.

Meanwhile new potatoes were sliced thinly, mixed with thinly sliced tomatoes, dressed in oil and salt, then roasted for 30 minutes.

The cod and marinade were placed on top of the potatoes, cooked for 15 minutes and served with some leftover veg tagine.

The marinade imparted freshness to the tender flakes of fish, complemented by waxy, salty potatoes and tangy tomatoes. 8 out of 10.



Giant pasta shells with slow cooked tomato ragu

9 Apr

I was originally intending to make a beef ragu,  but realised that I didn’t have time to get the beef meltingly tender after work. My friend Sarah joined me for a glass of vino and food.

So this required finely chopped celery and carrot, which I roasted in oil with some pancetta whilst I chopped a mountain of tomatoes in half. After 15 minutes of cooking I added the tomatoes to the tray,  drizzled with oil, salt, sugar and sun dried tomato paste. Cooked for an hour whilst we enjoyed the sunshine. Mashed the tomatoes with some basil to make sauce.

Cooked the cool shaped pasta until almost done (oops,  could have had a little longer). Then I stuffed them with the sauce and covered with some grated parmesan.  Nom.  Tasty like spring in a bowl but could have been better if the pasta had longer, 7 out of 10.