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A quick dinner – Omlette with cheese and salami

21 Sep

After spending an age trying to sort out car insurance, we were too late to make our originally planned onion soup. Instead I whipped together a quick salad and Mr M got on with cracking some eggs and making a couple of fabulous omlettes with onions and cheese (and home grown tomatoes in his). A tasty side portion of Saucisson completed our Francophile fast food. A simple score of 7.5 for this dinner.


Hello Turkey! Back to the Middle East. Tuna and olive mash

2 Aug

A quick and easy start to a month of Turkish cooking. We returned to the recipes of Claudia Roden, I didn’t really associate fish like Tuna with Turkey but this appealed. A nice change from last month’s cheese fest!

Tuna steaks were seasoned and a little lemon squeezed over them. I cooked and mashed potatoes, then stirred in olive oil generously. Seasoned. Added parsley and chopped spring onion.  I normally like my mash really creamy but the olive oil was a treat as something different.

The tuna steaks were cooked in a hot oil for about minute each side (I didn’t quite manage to keep it rare) then served with oil, parsley and lemon dressing, the mash and some boiled veg.

Tasty and light Mr M gave it 7.5.


Spaghetti with peppers and herbs

1 Apr

After a massive and very rich lunch at a lovely pub, we wanted something quick and fresh for dinner.

This recipe was delicious, quick and easy.  Good quality dried spaghetti was cooked al dente and then combined with gently sweated sweet yellow and orange peppers. The pasta and peppers were flavoured with garlic, olive oil, chilli, sage, rosemary and parsley.

Mr M gave it 7.5, not a show stopper but a good quick dinner.  Ciao Italia!


Sweet and sour pork

28 Feb


The final Chinese dish and I’m pleased to announce that the month ended on a high,  9 out of 10.

First I coated pork fillet in a batter made from cornflour and beaten egg. Then I fried the pork until golden and crispy.  I put the pork to oneside whilst I made the sauce.

Ginger and peppers were fried together for a few minutes.  Then tinned pineapple and it’s juice were brought to the boil with the other ingredients.  Soy sauce and white wine vinegar went in to give the sour, followed by cornflour to thicken.  The meat went back in to heat through.  Mr M assisted by providing egg fried rice to accompany it.

Pluses for Chinese month, food was quicker and easier to make than Indian.  Downsides,  all the frying.  Plus,  fortune cookies 🙂  Plus plenty veg.  Downer the lack of bread. So far Indian is winning,  but I feel Polish is going to put up a good fight. 

In a change to our normal routine Mr M and I are starting the month with takeaway from our local purveyor of speedy Polish noms.