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Baked pasta and cheese

27 Aug

A return to Turkish dinners after a long break, think we missed a blog on Shepherds spinach a simple tasty spinach, rice and lamb mince meal. Any how today I went for something quick and comforting courtesy of the ever dependable Claudia Roden.

Crushed tagliatelle in a feta flavoured egg custard sauce with green salad. Simples. Boil milk, pour onto beaten eggs. Crumble in feta. Cook pasta til al dented, pour into a greased dish. Top with feta sauce and bake in a medium oven for half an hour.

Mr M gave it just 6.5 out of 10, essentially a posh pasta bake I think it was a bit simple for his liking after a week of super fresh seafood and bbq. Hopefully the next few days of Turkish offerings will fare better!



Macaroni with meat and bechemel sauce

2 May

A month of Italian food and we start Greek month with a Cypriot pasta dish. I like to think of it as fusion between the two cultures.  I’m not sure if this has an history dating back to Venetian occupation of Cyprus or if it’s just something tasty that’s evolved more recently.

This has a number of elements. Macaroni was cooked, slathered in butter, raw egg and halloumi. Pork mince, a little onion, seasoning and parsley were fried until brown. A rich bechemel sauce was made, enhanced with eggs and more halloumi.

Sauce then pasta, followed by sauce, all the meat, more pasta, then the remains of the sauce. Baked in the oven for 35 minutes then served with a simple salad.

Creamy, with the salty minty tang of halloumi throughout. The meat and parsley were a nice savoury element. Mr M was pleased, 8.5 out of 10. A good start.


Quick meatball pasta shells

27 Apr

Another quick meal. After being away for the long weekend we’ve taken a little while to adjust to being back at work. Elaborate dinners are on a backburner for now.  Still sticking to our theme though!

Tonight’s quick meatballs were made from sausages (pancetta and parmesan flavoured), the meat squeezed from the skins and rolled into little balls. These were pan fried till brown. Then chopped mushrooms were added, followed by cannelini beans, tomatoes, herbs and a dash of balsamic vinegar.  The meatballs and sauce were cooked for 20 minutes then served with pasta and pecorino.

Probably not quite what real Italian’s eat, but a good quick mix, 7 out of 10.


Prawn spaghetti

21 Apr

Quick one today, as I forgot to blog last night. Dinner was a super speedy pasta dish.  Spaghetti was boiled whilst the prawns and sauce were cooked.  A nice mix of pancakes fried prawns, garlic, wine and tomato puree. Dash of lemon on the pasta then all mixed together and served.

7 says Mr M, I agree, nothing special, but pleasant enough!


Lemon chicken carbonara

19 Apr

Lemony, creamy chicken and pasta, what’s not to like? Tonight’s offering was ready in less than 20 minutes and pretty tasty too.

Pan fry some pancetta and chicken. Stir in a few sage leaves and set aside. Boil pasta until al dente. Whilst cooking the pasta grate some lemon and hard cheese.  Mix cream and eggs together. When the pasta is cooked mix with the chicken, lemon, cheese and creamy egg. Stir for a few minutes until the egg is cooked and the pasta is covered with a creamy sauce.

Nom. 7.5 out of 10, Mr M reckons too creamy.


Giant pasta shells with slow cooked tomato ragu

9 Apr

I was originally intending to make a beef ragu,  but realised that I didn’t have time to get the beef meltingly tender after work. My friend Sarah joined me for a glass of vino and food.

So this required finely chopped celery and carrot, which I roasted in oil with some pancetta whilst I chopped a mountain of tomatoes in half. After 15 minutes of cooking I added the tomatoes to the tray,  drizzled with oil, salt, sugar and sun dried tomato paste. Cooked for an hour whilst we enjoyed the sunshine. Mashed the tomatoes with some basil to make sauce.

Cooked the cool shaped pasta until almost done (oops,  could have had a little longer). Then I stuffed them with the sauce and covered with some grated parmesan.  Nom.  Tasty like spring in a bowl but could have been better if the pasta had longer, 7 out of 10.


Pasta with broccoli and chilli

7 Apr

After failing to cook for myself last night as I was too tired (I did watch but it was just quickly cooked tortellini out of a pack),  I opted for quick and simple rather than making yesterday’s proposed meal of cauliflower risotto. Sticking with cruciferous veg I made a broccoli and pasta dish,  that was ready in 10 minutes. 

Pasta on to boil.  Chop finely garlic and chilli.  Soften garlic and chilli in some oil.  Once pasta is almost done, chuck broccoli in same pan and cook briefly. Add some of the pasta cooking water to the garlic and chilli and add some anchovies, let them melt. 

Pasta into sauce. Job done. Savoury with a touch of spice. Yummy,  I appreciated how quick it was to make and am looking forward to my leftover lunch tomorrow.  8 out of 10.


Spaghetti with peppers and herbs

1 Apr

After a massive and very rich lunch at a lovely pub, we wanted something quick and fresh for dinner.

This recipe was delicious, quick and easy.  Good quality dried spaghetti was cooked al dente and then combined with gently sweated sweet yellow and orange peppers. The pasta and peppers were flavoured with garlic, olive oil, chilli, sage, rosemary and parsley.

Mr M gave it 7.5, not a show stopper but a good quick dinner.  Ciao Italia!