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Pistachio cake with marzipan and strawberry jelly 15/52

27 May

This was a whole day cake baking extravaganza! Myself and my friend both have the Adriano Zumbo cook book. A page of ingredients and a number of elaborate techniques meant that this was far from easy to assemble!  Was it worth it? I think yes. This cake is also gluten free.

A flour free pistachio based cake mix also contained rhubarb. This kept it moist and tangy. The cake was meant to have homemade strawberry pastilles in it. We have them a go, but they didn’t set. Instead we used the resulting goo to smear a layer on top of the cake under the marzipan.

The cake was finished with green marzipan and sprinkles.




The strawberry goo was lovely to make pink cupcakes with and very tasty as a drizzle for meringues.

We also had a go at making some salted caramels. These also didn’t set, but more on that later 🙂