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A quick dinner – Omlette with cheese and salami

21 Sep

After spending an age trying to sort out car insurance, we were too late to make our originally planned onion soup. Instead I whipped together a quick salad and Mr M got on with cracking some eggs and making a couple of fabulous omlettes with onions and cheese (and home grown tomatoes in his). A tasty side portion of Saucisson completed our Francophile fast food. A simple score of 7.5 for this dinner.


Sole meuniere

19 Sep

A blog post that is a few days later as we’ve been off on holiday and eating out all the time.

A simple dinner of sautéed potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes and fried fish. Following the instructions on the label, the fish was fried for about 4 minutes a side. Per the instructions in the cookbook, a separate clean frying pan was used to lightly brown some butter which then had some lemon juice to it before being drizzled over the fish.

Mrs M scored it 7 out of 10.

Mr M


Salmon au poivre and hollandaise sauce

14 Sep

A magpies first tonight. I attended to make hollandaise sauce, which is one of those things I have tended to observe more on posh cooking programs than on my own plate!  Surprisingly it was quite easy to make and very tasty.

The salmon was dead simple. Half a tablespoon of black peppercorns were smeared onto 2 pieces of fish, rested for an hour to infuse and then simply pan fried for a few minutes each side. Potatoes and green beans accompanied the fish.

Whilst the potatoes were cooking I reduced a tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of wine, some peppercorns and a bayleaf until I had about a tablespoon of liquid. I added this to 2 egg yolks and a dash of cold water. This was whisked for a few minutes and then melted butter was trickled in whilst I continued to whisk. Not having any Chervil I added thyme instead. The sauce was kept warm until ready to serve.

Mr M gave my efforts 8 out of 10. A fair score I think!



12 Sep

A nice fresh vegetable mix of garden tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, red onions, garlic and aubergines. Lightly pan fried and enhanced with basil and thyme. Served with pasta for a quick and healthy tea, just 6.5 from Mr M as I think the vegetables had lost some crunch.


Moules Mariniere

10 Sep

Wed night was a cheeky Steak Frites night,  so we decided not to blog it. Mr M and I both had Thursday off French food. Friday however saw a return to our cuisine of the month with mussels.

I was surprised how cheap a kilo of mussels was, even in Waitrose. I was also surprised how smelly they were when Mr M and I got them out for cleaning, debearding and hunting for dead uns.

Smelly part over, I got to preparing the ingredients for the sauce. Finely chopped shallots, garlic, wine and a bayleaf plus some seasoning were all assembled. After frying the shallots the other ingredients were all chucked in a big pan with the mussels. Once the wine was boiling, the mussels were steamed with the lid on for 4 minutes.

Once the mussels were cooked, Mr M checked for closed ones and I thickened the cooking liquid with a little flour. After pouring the sauce of the mussels we served them with the obligatory frites and a roll for the juices.

Fresh like the sea, garlic tang, wine sauce, I quite enjoyed these. Not so true for Mr M and I am not quite sure I like them enough to go through the hassle of cleaning them at home. Just a 7 for these.  Beouf Bourguinon tomorrow. 


Salad Nicoise

5 Sep

A nice quick dinner tonight after the heavy headiness of Sunday’s Coq au van (which Mr M has promised to blog about in a min)!

This has to one of the best salads, the crunch of leaves and beans, the soft crumble of the egg,.flakes of tuna, piquant garlic dressing, fresh bursts of flavour from the tomato, cucumber and shallots, all combining and shot with occasional salty tang from the olives. Winner. No anchovies in this incarnation, but the olives brought enough salty savouriness.

Mr M gave it an 8.


Bye,bye Turkey. Bonjour France!

2 Sep

The end of August was celebrated by a trip to our local Turkish restaurant the Grille. We feasted on home baked sesame bread, starters of Borek (pastry stuffed with feta) and a ezma a spicy fresh veg mix. Mr M had an Iskender kebab, pitta, lamb chunks, tomato sauce and yogurt. I went for a traditional lamb Shish kebab. A great end to a good month.

Our month of French food began with a lazy tea of frittes and ouef and bacon. Proper service resumed today.

Succulent duck breast, pan fried to crisp up the skin and then oven cooked and rested before serving. Accompanied with peppery puy lentils and a tart plum sauce made with our own plums. A good start Mr M gave it 8.5.