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Lamb with Couscous raisins and onions

6 Jun

A slight variation on the recipe given by Claudia, as I had some tasty little cutlets for my solo dinner that it seemed a shame not to roast. So I flavoured them with cinnamon, ginger and a clove on each chop. I also added some diced shallots.

I also made the couscous with extra care. Measuring the water, waiting ten minutes, adding a little oil, then fluffing with my finger tips.  Ten minutes before serving it went in the oven to get steamy hot. Then butter was melted through and the grains refluffed. Definitely worth it, so much better than the usual claggy mush.

I followed the recipe to make the caramelised onion and raising topping.  Onions were boiled for 20 minutes, until no liquid was left, then butter was mixed in until they were golden.  Finally soaked raisins and honey were added and caramelised to make a tasty sweet topping that I slathered over the chops and couscous. I give it an 8!