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Roast for Sunday – Roast Chicken

9 Oct

Several hours of roasting to provide the first of this month’s traditional Sunday Roasts. Today it was the turn of chicken to spend a couple of hours in the oven. The chicken was simply treated to a light seasoning and thrust into a hot oven.

Potatoes were peeled and parboiled, before being shaken in the pan with a generous amount of butter to make them fluffy on the outside and later crispy. These were added to the chicken and soon after some parsnips too. Chopped swede and carrot boiled way on the hob while some rough red wine and chicken and vegetable juices also boiled away to make a gravy. When everything else was done and the swede and carrot mashed together (with yet more butter) some brussel sprouts were quickly boiled.

Plated with a dollop of Greek yogurt and served.  The yogurt may not be the traditional accompaniment, but a family favourite from Mrs M’s side of the family.

Mrs M scored it a 9 out of 10 with particular compliments for the gravy and roast potatoes.


Mr M


Normandy Chicken Fricassee

13 Sep

More slowly cooked goodness.

Onions and bacon were fried off and set aside, with the bacon fat and some butter then used to brown off some chicken joints that had been coated with seasoned flour.

These were thrown into a large pan with some cider, chicken stock, seasoning and a bayleaf.

After 25 minutes of simmering, the onions and bacon rejoined the chicken along with some mushrooms. Another 15 minutes and to finish some creme fraiche and Dijon mustard were stirred in.

As an accompaniment some slices of apple were fried in some more butter until brown.

Mrs M scored it 8 out of 10.

Mr M


Coq au vin

5 Sep

A classic 1980s dinner party dish cooked from a recipe in a book of that era. A whole chicken and a whole bottle of wine went into this one.

The whole chicken was jointed with most of the skin and bones removed before being tossed in generously seasoned flour and fried in butter. Once browned, the chicken went into a partly reduced pan of red wine, a clove of garlic, a couple of bay leaves and a boquet garni.

The frying pan was then put to work cooking off some bacon and then browning some peeled but whole shallots which were then added to the pot. Some mushrooms which had been chopped and frozen some months ago (during some supermarket special offer induced glut) finished off the mix.

The pan went into the owben for 40 minutes and the dish served with boiled potatoes and some vegetables. 8.5 out of 10.

Mr M


Sauteed chicken with plums

29 Aug

From the Arabica cookbook, but apparently originally coming from Georgia, one of the many countries bordering Turkey.

Some boned chicken joints were fried in butter and oil alongside a few chopped cloves of garlic. The chicken was then set aside while some plums from our garden, halved and with stones removed, sauteed in the same pan. Afterwards, the chicken went back in while a sauce of chilli flakes, red wine vinegar and plum jam heated in another pan.

Served with bulgar wheat with chickpeas and feta. Scored 8 out of 10th by Mrs M.

Mr M


Chicken in a pistachio, sesame and sumac crust

9 Aug

Another lovely recipe from Turquoise, this one appealed as I love pistachios!

To make the crust I pulsed bread into crumbs added chopped pistachios and sesame seeds, lemon zest and lots of sumac. The final ingredient was grated parmesan. To coat the chicken I first dipped the breasts in egg wash, then flour, then the nut mix.

Coating the chicken was a slightly messy affair. If I made these again I wouldn’t bother with the flour stage as I think it hindered the crumbs from sticking. I would probably also make my mix finer as it was hard to get it to stick to the chicken. The quantities were a bit on the generous side too, so we now have some nice stuffing for something!

Nonetheless once these had been fried till golden and then baked in a hot oven for 10 minutes they smelt amazing and tasted lovely, crunchy crust contrasting nicely with moist chicken. A well deserved 8 from Mr M.


Chicken and Avocado salad

25 Jul

A rare sunny day and we had planned to eat a tangy salad.  Good call.

First I poached several pieces of chicken with onions, carrots, thyme and peppercorns. Poaching gives you lovely tender flavourful chicken. It cooks quickly about half an hour and can be left to cool then shredded for all sorts of things.

Whilst the chicken was cooking I made the salad.  Watercress and little gem lettuce provided the leafy base.  A couple of finely chopped shallots for tang. Toasted almonds and sesame seeds for crunch and savoury wholesomeness. A couple of avocados. Chicken.

All held together with an Asian influenced dressing, a balance of sweet and sour that contrasted nicely with the creamy avocado and meaty chicken. The dressing combined sugar, djion mustard, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, olive and sesame oil and some seasoning. I really enjoyed the dressing and will use it again. The salad was nice but probably not worth all the faff of poaching chicken, toasting nuts etc.  A worthy 8, but perhaps not one I will hurry to repeat!


Chicken adobado

12 Jul

On Wednesday night we whipped up this fiery marinade and left the chicken in the fridge to soak up its goodness. The marinade was a potent mix of onions, garlic, orange juice, tomato puree, Chipotles chillies, fresh chillies, sugar, soy sauce and herbs.

The chicken was simply pan fried. The marinade was cooked off with some beans and we served it with rice. Some sour cream was used to cool off the heat, tasty noms. 8 out of 10 says Mr M.


Chicken tagine with caramelised onions and honey

27 Jun

Sweetly caramelised onions and tender chicken chunks, with small crunchy flecks of sesame seeds. No couscous tonight, simply served with bread.

Onion was softened for ten minutes whilst I cried over the shallots, trying to get them to part with their skins! Chicken was added to the soft onions, with ginger, saffron and cinnamon. Once browned a small amount of water was added and in went the shallots. 25 minutes of cooking with the lid on cooked the chicken and prepared the onions for carmelising.

I extricated the chicken and stirred honey into the onions.  20 minutes later they were gorgeously browned with a thick rich sauce. Chicken back in to warm through with plenty of seasoning. 

Mr M enjoyed this and gave it a generous 8.

No blog for last night’s dinner, slow roasted lamb (in wine) with couscous. Bit of an improvised tea, so not really one for sharing..


Catching up again, Chicken and date Tagine

25 Jun

As lamb supplies from the freezer start to run low, we opted for a chicken dish from Arabesque.

We speeded up the cooking process by cutting the chicken into small pieces. The onion was softened for ten minutes, with the usual cinnamon, ginger and saffron. Some water with the chicken to let it cook and absorb the flavours for half an hour. Then reduced with a little honey and a large handful of dates, the resulting sauce was thick.

Served up with some couscous and sprinkled with almonds this was a tasty tea, the chicken contrasted beautifully with the sticky dates.  8 says Mr M.

The next day Mr M dished up a vegetable tagine, no specific post for this one as it’s a repeat.


Chicken tagine with olives and lemon and a side of sweet potato salad

13 Jun

This was super tangy due to the addition of plenty of preserved lemon.

For the sweet potato salad, sweet potatoes were boiled with softened onions, cumin until soft. Olives, preserved lemon and coriander were added to serve.

The chicken tagine was softened onions, garlic, Saffron, ginger and chicken cooked in a little water. Once the chicken was cooked, the sauce was reduced, lemon juice and preserved lemon and olives were added.  Mr M voted 7.5 for the dish, not one to make again methinks.