Lemon and Blueberry Muffins and Floral Cupcakes 12/52

1 Apr

A week of small delights. MUFFINS for the team and cupcakes showing off the joy of decorating with edible flowers!



The lovely local green grocer provided me with a great excuse to add some blueberries to my normal muffin mix au citron. 6 punnets (of slightly manky berries of blue) for a £1? Yes please kind sir.


I whipped up a basic muffin mix (wet and dry ingredients are mixed separately and then combined to make a slightly lumpy batter) with plenty of lemon zest. At the end I rolled some blueberries in flour (to help ensure even distribution of them) and voila – muffins were ready for baking.  25 minutes later they emerged from the oven with a light tan. I treated this batch to a lemony glaze and fed them to my colleagues. Hopefully a win!


Part 2of this week’s culinary adventure were some cupcakes that took advantage of the edible violas in the garden. They look gorgeous and didn’t taste too bad either!



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