Scones 10/52

11 Mar

If you have ever made a homemade scone you will be amazed at how rewarding they are for something that requires so little effort! And you will never enjoy a shop bought one again!


They take about 5 minutes to make and 10 to bake. Then if you are particularly greedy,  you can eat them hot from the oven dripping with cream and soaked with jam!

Simply rub some self raising flour, extra baking powder, salt and butter together with your finger tips. Once you have an even mix, stir in milk until you get a smooth dough. I use a knife for this part. Like pastry, scones dough is better if you touch it as little as possible.

Flour your surface and pop the dough on it. I don’t roll mine out I just beat it with the edge of my hand until it is about 2cm thick. Dip your cutter in flour between each slice. This helps your scones to rise.  Cut out as many thick rounds as you can, bake and enjoy!

As I have been a real bumpkin in the past few weeks I was able to serve these with homemade jam.


I took advantage of a ridiculous offer of £4 for 2kg of cherries and made masses of cherry jam and conserve. The conserve benefited from a slug of damson gin and some vanilla.


Rhubarb and vanilla is my favourite and made with early forced rhubarb its a delightful pink colour!  I have also finally sorted out a custom stamp so my baking creations can now be labelled up!



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