Plum Kuchen 9/52

3 Mar

Mr M’s favourite cake. This is a full on plum and almond sensation, this week it was super pretty as we had yellow and red plums.



Kuchen is a simple cake/tart that has a high impact on your taste buds.  The base is an almond paste, made from sugar, butter, lemon zest and ground almonds. Once rubbed to breadcrumbs a quarter of the mix is set aside for the crumble like topping. And egg is beaten into the remainder to make a paste. The paste is then used to line a fluted loose bottomed tin and refrigerated for half an hour.

Meanwhile a mountain of plums are stoned and chopped. For some reason these are more delicious if homegrown 🙂  I am really keen to try making this with Dittisham plums. Another option is a red, yellow,  green traffic light version using greengages…

To the refrigerated base a thin layer of marzipan is added. Then the plums top this and are sprinkled with the crumble mix.

40 minutes in the oven makes a delightful tart with a mix of textures. Crumbly topping, juicy plums, slightly caramelized marzipan that it’s chewy in contrast to the crisp base.



This is best eaten quickly and is delicious hot or cold.



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