Bara Brith 8/52

23 Feb

Yummy tea cake this week 🙂 


My favourite part of this recipe is soaking the dried fruit in Earl Grey tea and dark brown sugar. Why? Smells amazing. Looks like the most unctuous brown goo you have ever seen. I know that the juicy plump fruit will be sweet and bergamot scented and will explode with flavour when I eat a slice slathered with salty butter!


I first made this cake when I worked for the wonderful Sheelin Davies at her Deli about 7 years ago. It was a really good seller and introduced me the delights of cake that you eat with butter (the savoury ambrosia as I like to think of it)!


So once my fruit was soaked (raisins and figs,  none of the devil food peel) this was simples. Just add eggs, flour, oil and beat till smooth. Cook the batter inappropriate loaf tin for about an hour at 150C.


Turn out, cool. Serve with a brew and some butter. Keeps really well and is a less stick to your teeth version of malt loaf!


I also managed to squeeze in the making of some baby girl cupcakes for the latest arrival in the gorgeous Neale family. Mini cupcakes to celebrate my Mum’s house move also went down well!




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