Peanut butter cookies 7/52

19 Feb

Gooey, salty, nutty, choc chip heaven. These are my favourite cookies and so simple. Another Hummingbird Bakery classic which I love to make.


Butter is creamed with 2 types of sugar (muscavado and caster) until light and fluffy. A generous few dollops of chunky peanut butter and some vanilla essence are beaten in with an egg. Bicarbonate and some flour finish the essential mixture (chocolate is apparently an optional ingredient in some parallel universe!)


Dollops of mix were spooned onto baking trays and then baked for 10 minutes at 170C.


It’s important with cookies that you allow lots of space for spreading and that you cook them for as long as the recipe says. They will be gooey when you take time out of the oven. This is important to keep the central gooeyness which is integral to an A grade cookie! As the cool. The butter in them solidifies, giving them a crunch and goo all at the same time! Happy days.

These were yummy, but I knew they would be as it’s a recipe I have made quite a lot! Opted for something simple this week as we have been in DIY chaos!


Maybe Bara Brith next week 🙂


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