Rhubarb and custard cupcakes 6/52

11 Feb

My favourite bake so far šŸ™‚ These were inspired by the cover recipe of this month’s Sainsburys magazine and my love of rhubarb!


As we were a visiting Devon Mr M’s Dad kindly provided us some yummy forced rhubarb free of charge šŸ™‚Ā  I love the story of how forced Rhubarb is grown in big sheds by candlelight, creaking as it grows so quickly! Our garden rhubarb has just started to peak through the ground and whilst it does taste delicious its not the candy pink of the forced stuff! I digress…

Ingredients (eggs, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla essence, rhubarb, icing sugar and custard) were assembled, bagged and travelled with me to Nottingham to visit lil sis. As she lives in a student house baking trays and hand whisk also got a holiday North!

Butter, sugar and flour were beaten until a fine sand was formed. Eggs, vanilla and some milk were added to make the batter. Small chunks of rhubarb were mixed in. The mix was baked for half an hour.

The next day more than a little hungover after a night out with uni mates I completed the recipe šŸ™‚ A birthday was the excuse for some pretty pink cupcakes which I also made this week.


6 small sliced of rhubarb were boiled in a sugar syrup until soft. The rhubarb was then removed and baked in a hot oven to make decorative slivers. The syrup was used to flavour standard buttercream. The buttercream was halved and one portion coloured pink.Ā  A small cone was removed from the top of each cake and custard spooned into the gap. Cake was stuffed back in! These were then iced with pink and cream swirls and decorated with a slice of rhubarb.

“Yummy” was the verdict of Mr M and lil sister. I concur! These were moist, rhubarb flavoured and sweet. They look super cute as well! Definitely one to make again šŸ™‚Ā  Next time I shall aim to pipe the icing and have firmer slices of rhubarb.



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