Marmalade cake 5/52

10 Feb

This week I have Sheila and Sam to thank for the Marmalade cake I made. Sheila provided a jar of homemade thick cut Marmalade and Sam gave me the wonderful Great British Bake Off book, which supplied the recipe.


Again this was essentially a creamed sponge mix. 3 tablespoons of marmalade were added to the batter for flavour. 45 minutes in the oven and a light golden cake emerged.


The cake was glazed with Marmalade whilst still warm. Once cooled thick white icing was drizzled on. Slices of peel peeked through appealingly, this looked like a rather nice tea cake.


So the verdict? I have been told that it tastes lovely. I agree the sponge is delicious, but I am sadly not the biggest Marmalade fan. Instead this cake went to a worthy cause; our next door neighbour Mandy.


More baking took place in Devon where a delicious sponge filled with cream and strawberries was created with the lovely Mrs M snr. It was beautifully decorated with a Moshi Monster by Mr M for his nephew’s 8th birthday.


Next week back to something more predictable for me. Rhubarb and custard cupcakes. And probably some pink birthday cakes 🙂


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