Super Chocolate Cake 4/52

29 Jan

Four weeks in seemed like an appropriate time to make a chocolate cake. In fact I am surprised that Mr M let me take this long to bake him this!

In order to justify the purchase of yet another cookbook I thought it would be a really good idea to pick a cake from my newest acquisition – Tea with Bea. It was quite a difficult choice as this has a pretty scrumptious selection of chocolate cakes. I settled for the Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, as a base for a devilish looking celebration cake 🙂


The basic batter for this cake was made from beaten eggs and sugar combined with melted chocolate and butter. Buttermilk and flour were gradually incorporated until a thick glossy mixture was ready to be baked.



After a good while in the oven two monster sandwich cakes emerged, ready to face their icing smothered future’s!


We saved the decorating for a later date as it was quite an involved process. Mr M carefully sliced one of the cakes in half. I prepared a rich chocolate buttercream (the recipe wanted am Italian style meringue cream but time didn’t permit).  A chocolate fudge icing was also needed to coat the cake.  This was fun to make. Cream, golden syrup and butter were heated together and then poured over small pieces of chocolate. I followed the instructions carefully, as the aim was to create a glossy emulsion. The mix was left to stand for a minute before I carefully mixed it from the centre with small movements. It took a few minutes before anything happened and then a gorgeous, shiny icing emerged!


The cake was assembled with layers of fudge sauce topped with buttercream. The outside was then smeared with buttercream and refrigerated for half an hour. Mr M took charge of carefully covering the cake with the fudge icing, he got a great finish!


A smattering of crystallized rose petals and it was ready to serve. Went down well with my family and Mr M says it’s a perfect 10!


I also managed to squeeze in another bake for our dear friends who needed some cakes to celebrate the birth of their baby boy in style!




One Response to “Super Chocolate Cake 4/52”

  1. Adele February 1, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    I want cupcakes too!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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