Plum Crunch Cake 3/52

22 Jan

This cake was the reason I bought a particular cookbook. I love plums (as you may have guessed I also love cake) so this seemed like a pretty good idea. As an added incentive I knew that somewhere in my freezer lurked a bag containing the remains of the Victoria Plum harvest from our tree.

I seem to do a lot of the baking for this blog at the end of the week and it was Friday before I had a chance to start this (mind you I’ve done a lot of baking this week, home made passion fruit curd, scones, the pink cupcakes below, cookies and this cake).


As usual this recipe started with creamed butter and sugar. Eggs were lightly beaten and then added with the zest of a clementine and some of its juice. In went the flour,some creme fraiche and the chopped and stoned plums. The batter was poured into a tin and baked for an hour at 150 c.


Once golden brown it was cooled slightly, then Mr M took over (I had to get to the cinema to see ‘The Artist’ very good it was too) to make the crunch. As with drizzle cake caster sugar was mixed into lemon/clementine juice and poured onto the warm cake. For added crunch slightly bashed up sugar cubes were added.


The finished effect was quite pleasing, sort of rustic. The cake scores high on the taste scale with a warm autumnal essence from the clementine and the slightly almond plums. The sugar topping prevents it becoming sour. I was disappointed with the texture as I think it was a bit too gooey, Plums tend to lose their structural integrity when frozen and I think the ones I used were a bit sloppy for cake (crumble or jam next time). Nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable with a cup of tea 🙂 I will remake this with fresh plums when I have some…


Next time it has to be a chocolate cake! I have my eye on one in the Tea with Bea cookbook I acquired 😉 watch this space!


One Response to “Plum Crunch Cake 3/52”

  1. Jill January 22, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Could I have the recipe please looks scrummy. x

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