A very late catch up; the end of British month

10 Nov

British month ended on a hale and hearty note.

On Friday night after a busy week at work we tucked into Sausage and Guiness casserole with mashed potatoes.

We had family up for the weekend so treated them to hone made butternut squash soup (with wine, garlic and rosemary flavours). This was served with puff pastry and goats cheese tarts.

For dinner we had a light salad with Mr M’s yummy sandwich pies with smoked ham, chicken, cheese and mustard filling. For the vegetarian we did a cheese and onion version. Our guests were very appreciative of the hand held food.

Tea and cake were served later and as it was haloween weekend we went with a toffee apple theme.  Good Food had a delicious recipes on their cover for a lightly spiced, date based cake, covered in slivers of apples and drizzled with toffee sauce. I was really pleased with how my version turned out. It was the first time a recipe I’ve used has asked for the dates to be warned in milk, left to cool and then pulsed before adding to the sponge mix. I think this really helped with the toffee flavour and helped to keep the cake moist.

On Monday night we chopped the mountain of swede, potatoes, onion and beef required for Cornish pasties. The filling was placed in rich buttery homemade pastries. Delicious golden pastry and tender meat made a yummy dinner and did us for 2 lunches as well!

An overall 9 for these efforts 🙂



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