A late start to November’s theme, Vegetarian cooking

10 Nov

Mr M and I struggled to agree on a country that we both fancied this month. So inspired by our friends who have decided to go Vegan in the week, we opted to make veggie meals in the evening. We thought it would be a bit restrictive to give up meat entirely so as with other months we are just sticking with the theme for dinner.

We’ve been very bad with blogs so far this month, so this is the start of an attempt to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚

We started the month with puy lentils, red onion and goats cheese. Satay stir fry was then followed by Carbonara (oops, we had bacon to use and its always bacon that cracks vegetarians).ย  We were then away for the weekend.

Mr M got the week of to a smokey, spicy start with a four bean chilli. Flavoured with a mix of beans, Mexican chillies, cumin, cinnamon, black cardamom and dark chocolate. This was yummy and served with tortilla chips, creme fraiche and cheese.

Next was a delicious apple flavoured beetroot borsch. Beetroot, cider, apples, onion, garlic and stock were cooked, pulsed and served with creme fraiche.

A cheeky stir fry got us through Wednesday before we went a visiting again. Expect a proper blog on Saturday



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