Fish pie

18 Oct

Monday night indulgence was a creamy fish pie. Recipe courtesy of delicious magazine’s top 20 recipes, it was simple to do and scrummy.

First things first, potatoes had to peeled, chopped and then boiled for mash. Once cooked I mashed these with lots of butter and seasoned it.

For the filling I sweated chopped onions with a bayleaf leaf, then added cream which I brought to the boil,then I melted in plenty of hard cheese and some parsley. In went some peas and prawns, so they were defrosted before mixing with the fish.

I bought a fish mix pack from the supermarket, which had salmon, pollock and haddock in it. This was mixed with the creamy sauce in a buttered dish, then topped with the mash. After baking in the oven for 30 minutes the mash was golden and more importantly the fish was cooked 🙂

This was a lovely blend of fresh sea flavours, creamy cheese, sweet peas and prawns with buttery crunchy mash. Mr M gave it a 9, happy days!



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