A very bad week of blogging, but some tasty eats honest!

16 Oct

Apologies for the summary format, it’s been a busy week and we have kept the theme going pretty well, but not written them up as we went along…

We deliberately cooked too many vegetables on Sun, so that we could make bubble and squeak, fried mashed vegetables. Lovely, especially with a poached egg. Another 8.5. Leftovers rule.

On Wednesday we had the stodge sensation that is toad in the hole. Good quality sausages in a batter flavoured with thyme and parsley. Cooked in a hot oven so the sausages disappear into pillows of batter. 8 out of 10.

On Thursday we took advantage of the ovens program features to slow cook a beef stew whilst we were at work. Came home to a house that smelt deliciously inviting. The beef was simply cooked with a little seasoning, a bayleaf leaf,  swede, parsnips and potatoes. Tender meat and aromatic vegetables are always a winner, although a few marks were lost as there were no dumplings. 7.5.



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