Roast for Sunday – Roast Chicken

9 Oct

Several hours of roasting to provide the first of this month’s traditional Sunday Roasts. Today it was the turn of chicken to spend a couple of hours in the oven. The chicken was simply treated to a light seasoning and thrust into a hot oven.

Potatoes were peeled and parboiled, before being shaken in the pan with a generous amount of butter to make them fluffy on the outside and later crispy. These were added to the chicken and soon after some parsnips too. Chopped swede and carrot boiled way on the hob while some rough red wine and chicken and vegetable juices also boiled away to make a gravy. When everything else was done and the swede and carrot mashed together (with yet more butter) some brussel sprouts were quickly boiled.

Plated with a dollop of Greek yogurt and served.  The yogurt may not be the traditional accompaniment, but a family favourite from Mrs M’s side of the family.

Mrs M scored it a 9 out of 10 with particular compliments for the gravy and roast potatoes.


Mr M


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