Dill scones with Salmon and a Cucumber pickle

8 Oct

A lighter dinner tonight, following a recipe that caught my eye in Good Food magazine. Mr M is a fan of dill pickles so I thought this would be a tasty option and a chance to get some fish into our week. The recipe called for smoked salmon, but neither of us are big fans of the cold smoked bright pink slivers, so we opted for some rather lovely hot smoked stuff instead.

This meal basically involved baking the scones and chopping up the ingredients for the pickle, my sort of low hassle meal making activities. The cooking effort to tasty result ratio is pretty high for this dish! First I peeled and deseeded a cucumber, then chopped it into chunky crescents. I finely chopped a red chilli and a red onion. In a bowl I dissolved sugar into rice wine vinegar and then added the chopped vegetables. These went into the fridge whilst I made the scones and were finished with some dill before serving.

The scones were simple mix of wholemeal flour and plain flour, butter and milk. Oh and lots of dill. Once I had a sticky dough I cut out large rounds,  these were topped with milk and poppy seeds and baked for15 minute until golden. I was really impressed with the rise of these and the delicate green flecks of the dill, helped give them a rustic look.

So verdict time we gave these 8.5, they were amazingly good. The scones were topped with cream cheese and salmon with cucumber pickle precariously balanced on top. Each mouthful was a flavour explosion, the wholemeal crumbly scones, creamy cheese, oily smokey salmon and bites of chilli, in the sour fresh cucumber. definately one we will be making again, I imagine this making an amazing picnic offering.


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