Au Revoir France, Baked Camembert followed by Tarte Tatin

30 Sep

French month came to a sweet end with a home baked Tarte Tatin. So to start we went for something pretty simple, crunchy French Bread, a whole baked Camember, home grown tomatoes and crunchy Dill flavoured cornichons. Not a meal for every day, but one to savour for its rich indulgence! Washed down with a nice glass of wine, I could have been in France.

The Tarte was pretty simple to make. 6 apples were cored, peeled and halved. Sugar and water were heated until a caramel formed and then butter was melted in to the mix. The caramel was quickly poured into the cooking dish, topped with the apples, which were in turn brushed with butter and topped with sugar.  Half an hour in the oven and the hot brown apples were then ensconced in a blanket of puff pastry. Back in the oven for another half an hour. Once it was cooked, a couple of hour were needed to wait for the sugar to transform itself into caramel from its molten lava state! We served it with a splodge of creme fraiche, yummy. Not my best pudding, there was some caramel ooze from the tin, I think I’d like another crack at it as this attempt could have had more caramel notes, instead it wasn’t quite like the picture, just a slightly caramelly apple pie.

So for a super easy assembly dinner, you can’t beat bread and cheese 8/10 for supper. 7/10 for the Tarte, not perfect and a lot of washing up needed.


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