Crepes and mushrooms

27 Sep

A simple, super tasty meal this evening, following Raymond Blanc’s recipe for crepes / pancakes but with the substitution of some rye flour in place of some of the plain for an additional savoury flavour.

Some butter went into the frying pan and heated until browned, and then combined with two eggs, 200ml of milk and 100g of flour and some seasoning. This sat and rested on the side in the kitchen whilst a filling for the crepes was prepared.

Some chopped smoked streaky bacon was fried until crisp and then a clove of garlic and some shallots were thrown in. Once these were soft, several handfuls of sliced mushrooms were added and later this was finished off with lots and lots of black pepper and some creme fraiche.

The pancakes were fried off one by one before being rolled around the creamy mushroomy bacony sauce and topped with grated Gruyere cheese and accompanied with some salad (not pictured…)

Mrs M scored it 8 out of 10.


Mr M


One Response to “Crepes and mushrooms”

  1. nickodoherty September 28, 2011 at 7:17 am #


    Normally I read your blog on my phone, in bed in the morning, so commenting is difficult and usually short or cryptic. But today I am using the PC – so slightly longer:-)

    I have tried several of your recipes, or more usually some of the ideas – like your approach to dauphinoise potatoes or the order of adding things in beef bourgignon. They work well so thank you.

    I made a comment about your scoring system a few days ago. A lot of your scores are 8 or 8.5. And I cannot recently recall a score below 7 or above 9. Maybe if you score on subcategories as well e.g. taste, appearance, effort needed, – well you choose. You could have more variation in the scoring and could draw out what aspect of the recipe and cooking really raised the score. Maybe just two scores e.g. M score 8 overall but 10 for taste. Or M scored 8 overall but this was dragged down by a 4 for effort as (s)he was hungry and this took forever to cook.

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