Braised Lamb and Butterbean Stew with Garlic Sausage.

26 Sep

We invested in Raymond Blanc’s Simple French Cookery for more recipe inspiration, we picked this dish to eat last Friday. Lamb neck fillets were defrosted over night to provide the basis for this dish. Unlike Raymond I am all about convenience, so a tin of butterbeans (rather than the soaking the dried version) were acquired from the cupboard. We already had some garlicky Saucisson in the fridge. Garlic, tomatoes from the garden, streaky smoked bacon, seasoning and bouquet garni were the only other ingredients required.

After braising the lamb, I deglazed the pan with a dash of water and poured the juices over the lamb fillets. The tomatoes and whole peeled garlic cloves were also added to the pan. Water was added to cover the lamb, this was then cooked for an hour on the hob on a gentle simmer. After an hour of cooking the beans, bacon and sausage were added with the bouquet garni for a final hours cooking.

The resulting dish contained tender nuggets of lamb in a gently orange sauce and butterbeans nestled in amongst pink chunks of bacon and sausage. It had a softly smoked flavour, with the beans countering the slight fattiness of the lamb. Served with beans and jacket potatoes this was a hearty meal to end the week on and created a nice warm spot in my belly as the nights start to draw in and the air takes on an autumnal chill.

Mr M gave it a measly 7.5, I shall have to work harder to impress!


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