Moules Mariniere

10 Sep

Wed night was a cheeky Steak Frites night,  so we decided not to blog it. Mr M and I both had Thursday off French food. Friday however saw a return to our cuisine of the month with mussels.

I was surprised how cheap a kilo of mussels was, even in Waitrose. I was also surprised how smelly they were when Mr M and I got them out for cleaning, debearding and hunting for dead uns.

Smelly part over, I got to preparing the ingredients for the sauce. Finely chopped shallots, garlic, wine and a bayleaf plus some seasoning were all assembled. After frying the shallots the other ingredients were all chucked in a big pan with the mussels. Once the wine was boiling, the mussels were steamed with the lid on for 4 minutes.

Once the mussels were cooked, Mr M checked for closed ones and I thickened the cooking liquid with a little flour. After pouring the sauce of the mussels we served them with the obligatory frites and a roll for the juices.

Fresh like the sea, garlic tang, wine sauce, I quite enjoyed these. Not so true for Mr M and I am not quite sure I like them enough to go through the hassle of cleaning them at home. Just a 7 for these.  Beouf Bourguinon tomorrow. 



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