Quiche lorraine

6 Sep

Another dish straight out of a 1980s dinner party.  The first time for me to make pastry and unaided by Mrs M. That part went well, although the cooking wasn’t without mishap…

A pastry of plain flour, butter one egg and a splash of water was made, kneaded and refrigerated before being baked (without filling and initially blind baked with the base of another cake tin and the lid of a pan as we have no baking beans).

When the pastry was nearly done, bacon and chopped shallots were fried and placed into the pasty base before being topped with 5 eggs,  plenty of pepper and some salt and some gruyere cheese and then placed into the oven.

… And then removed again a couple minutes later as i go to tidy up and then notice the tub of creme fraiche sat on the worktop. This was then belatedly mixed with the filling and all replaced together in the oven.

Served with some salad and scored 8 out of 10 by Mrs M.

Mr M



One Response to “Quiche lorraine”

  1. Nick O'Doherty September 8, 2011 at 6:08 am #

    This may become the classic way to make Quiche Lorraine.. ” and remember to add creme fraiche a few minutes later”

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