Onion tart

3 Sep

So French, so onions! Although I think the recipe we used tonight would score lowish for authenticity, as it was a reduced fat version, but tasty with it!

Mr M chopped a mountain of red onions and then fried them gently for 20 minutes until golden and caramelised.

I made a light scone style pastry from butter, flour, milk and yogurt. Once rolled out this went into a fluted pie tin. Mr M mixed together the filling of creme fraiche, djion mustard, thyme, eggs and gruyere.

The cooked onions lined the bottom of the tin, topped with creme fraiche filling and more onions. Twenty five minutes in a hot oven gave a golden pastry case, with rich topping, shot with  vibrant purple onion. An enticing aroma of rich cheese and sweet onion wafted up.

Served with a simple salad, this was a delicious combination of onions, shot with occasional hints of thyme in a light creamy filling. A miserly 7.5 from Mr M, I would have gone for 8, let’s see what the Coq au Van scores tomorrow.



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