Chicken in a pistachio, sesame and sumac crust

9 Aug

Another lovely recipe from Turquoise, this one appealed as I love pistachios!

To make the crust I pulsed bread into crumbs added chopped pistachios and sesame seeds, lemon zest and lots of sumac. The final ingredient was grated parmesan. To coat the chicken I first dipped the breasts in egg wash, then flour, then the nut mix.

Coating the chicken was a slightly messy affair. If I made these again I wouldn’t bother with the flour stage as I think it hindered the crumbs from sticking. I would probably also make my mix finer as it was hard to get it to stick to the chicken. The quantities were a bit on the generous side too, so we now have some nice stuffing for something!

Nonetheless once these had been fried till golden and then baked in a hot oven for 10 minutes they smelt amazing and tasted lovely, crunchy crust contrasting nicely with moist chicken. A well deserved 8 from Mr M.



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