Another weekend and some more catching up to do… A simple salad, meat pastry pies and kofte…

8 Aug

Mr M indulged in some tasty little puff pastry meat pies on Thursday. They were filled with lamb mince, raisins, pine nuts and parsley.  Another good recipe from Claudia, I gave them 7.5.

On Friday we had a fresh and tasty bulgar wheat based salad with cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, peppers and some feta.

Yesterday’s dinner was meant to be a more ambitious kofte similar to the Lebanese Kibbeh, but the time involved put us off attempting such a fiddly recipe from our Turquoise cookbook and instead I reverted to Claudia. We ate small parsley flavoured lamb kofte on top of a bed of yoghurt, layered on a spiced tomato sauce which topped crispy pitta bread. All flavoured with plentiful lemony Sumac and a touch of lemon juice. Butter browned pine nuts added an aromatic flavour and some more crunch.

This was quite easy to make, but I suspect the fiddly kofte would have got a higher score than the 7.5 we gave this.



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