Chicken and Avocado salad

25 Jul

A rare sunny day and we had planned to eat a tangy salad.  Good call.

First I poached several pieces of chicken with onions, carrots, thyme and peppercorns. Poaching gives you lovely tender flavourful chicken. It cooks quickly about half an hour and can be left to cool then shredded for all sorts of things.

Whilst the chicken was cooking I made the salad.  Watercress and little gem lettuce provided the leafy base.  A couple of finely chopped shallots for tang. Toasted almonds and sesame seeds for crunch and savoury wholesomeness. A couple of avocados. Chicken.

All held together with an Asian influenced dressing, a balance of sweet and sour that contrasted nicely with the creamy avocado and meaty chicken. The dressing combined sugar, djion mustard, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, olive and sesame oil and some seasoning. I really enjoyed the dressing and will use it again. The salad was nice but probably not worth all the faff of poaching chicken, toasting nuts etc.  A worthy 8, but perhaps not one I will hurry to repeat!



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