Another catch up session, some cheating and a lovely one pot bacon, beans and squash stew

25 Jul

So Mr M and I have been bad at writing this up recently. So bad that I can’t remember what we ate last Wed. On Thursday we had autumn tacos, chorizo, squash, tomatoes and courgettes with plenty of cheese and sour cream thrown in for good measure! On Friday we cheated, pizza and chips, lazy but good!  Saturday saw a return to form. One pot bacon, beans and squash.  Pinto beans were soaked in overnight, swelling as they rehydrate,  a few go a long way!  Onions, garlic were softened and pancetta browned.  Cumin for flavour, some bay leaves and Chipotle chilli sauce, thyme to subtly enhance the squash, red peppers and cherry tomatoes that made up the bulk of the dish. In went the soaked beans and stock, simmered for 45 minutes and hey presto dinner was ready for garnishing.  Strips of tortillas, sour cream and pumpkin seeds decorated the bowl of rich, warming bean stew.  A tasty 8!

On Sunday we revisited an earlier dish, spring tacos (stuffed with the classic combination of corn, courgettes, chilli and feta),  quick and tasty!



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