Chilli con Carne a dish two days in the making and judging by the quantity at least the same in the eating…

19 Jul

Today we ate yesterday’s cooking effort. A very slow cooked Chilli con Carne. According to Ms Miers this isn’t an authentic Mexican dish, it’s Tex Mex.

This version didn’t contain mince, which was nice. Instead they meat was cheap casserole steak browned and then slow cooked. At the end of the cooking it was deliciously tender and shredded with forks to distribute through the meat.

The rest of the recipe was good too, a few ingredients that were unexpected but the overall result was lovely, warm aromatic flavours and a rich sauce.

Onions and garlic were softened with chunks of chorizo sausage. In went cloves, allspice, cumin, cinnamon, mixed herbs, bay leaves and two types of chillies.  Ancho and arbol, tasty! A little balsamic vinegar, ketchup and brown sugar (my unexpected ingredients).  Then tinned tomatoes, some water and the browned beef.

The chilli was cooked for about 4 hours until it was really unctuous and the house was filled with enticing aromas. Nom. Another 8.5 dinner we agreed. Should keep us going for a few days, next dinner will be squash and chorizo tacos me thinks! Mr M has to catch up on his Picadillo first mind!



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