Mushroom quesadillas and guacamole

14 Jul

Another exercise in using flour tortillas in another shape, this time filled with mushrooms and cheese.

Several Portobello mushrooms were briefly fried in olive oil along with garlic, shallots,  parsley and salt and pepper.

A good amount of the fried mushrooms were piled on one side of a plain tortilla and the topped with grated cheese (less than dictated in the book by Thomasina Myers,  she must really love cheese).  Folded in half and spread with a little more oil, these were dry fried for a few minutes for the tortillas to turn crisp.

I served this with home made guacamole, inspired by how simple it seemed from Thomasina Myers TV show of last week. Squashed together in the pestle and mortar was two avocados, a green chilli, garlic, a shallot, coriander and the juice of half a lime. Simple and delicious.

Mrs M scored it 8 out of 10, but explained that the points were mainly for the “awesome guacamole”.

Mr M



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