Spinach and ricotta Enchilada

12 Jul

There are a couple of components to this dish. I started with the tomato sauce, using tinned rather than fresh to speed things up. Onions, garlic and a result red chilli were softened. Tomatoes added, a splash of red wine vinegar and a smidge of sugar, with a bay leaf. Before adding to the layered dish some cinnamon was included. This bubbled away whilst I prepared the ingredients to go inside the tortillas.

Essentially this is a Mexican version of Cannelloni, with a filling wrapped in tortilla instead of pasta, coated in sauce and topped in cheese.

First spinach was cooked and thoroughly drained. Pine nuts were pan fried until brown, a little oil was added and then raisins were plumped up for a few minutes. The spinach was stirred in to the mix, ricotta and a smidge of nutmeg were added.

A splash of sauce on the bottom of a ceramic dish, then tortillas were filled with spinach mix and rolled up. Topped with more tomato sauce, then sour cream, followed by some feta. Oven baked for half an hour.

This was a pleasant change from some of the drier dishes we have had, and very filling!  A pretty content Mr M voted 7.5 out of 10.



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