Chicken tagine with caramelised onions and honey

27 Jun

Sweetly caramelised onions and tender chicken chunks, with small crunchy flecks of sesame seeds. No couscous tonight, simply served with bread.

Onion was softened for ten minutes whilst I cried over the shallots, trying to get them to part with their skins! Chicken was added to the soft onions, with ginger, saffron and cinnamon. Once browned a small amount of water was added and in went the shallots. 25 minutes of cooking with the lid on cooked the chicken and prepared the onions for carmelising.

I extricated the chicken and stirred honey into the onions.  20 minutes later they were gorgeously browned with a thick rich sauce. Chicken back in to warm through with plenty of seasoning. 

Mr M enjoyed this and gave it a generous 8.

No blog for last night’s dinner, slow roasted lamb (in wine) with couscous. Bit of an improvised tea, so not really one for sharing..



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