Catch up posts, Mansaf (yoghurt soup) and Lamb Tagine with Chestnuts.

19 Jun

A delicious waft of roasting lamb is currently assaulting my nostrils, Mr M is making lamb with couscous and a date/almond stuffing.

Back to the topics of this blog. As the meat cigars only called for half a pack of mince Mr M industriously made the remainder into kifte (small meatballs).  Flavoured with garlic and cumin they were the meat element of the mansaf I made the next day. This was a departure from our Moroccan theme, according to our Moro cookbook its Jordanian, but very nice too. The meatballs are lightly browned with onions, then lots of almonds and pine nuts are toasted. The liquid of. The soup is stock, heavily flavoured with saffron. At the end of cooking yogurt (with egg and cornflour to stabilise it) is added.

The result is a flavour packed, creamy soup. 8 we agreed.

Next day. We are almost out of lamb, but Mr M diced a half shoulder to provide the meat for our tagine with chestnuts. Pretty similar to the other lamb ravines we have made, tender slow cooked lamb, flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and saffron. We added a few prunes to help goo out the sauce.  The chestnuts added a smokiness and a pleasant textural contrast to the melting lamb.  Another 8 we think.

No pics at present, phone is hiding them in its unique fashion…


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