Lamb Tagine with potatoes and peas, day one of preserved lemon use

1 Jun

Morocco seemed like a good choice as we still have a freezer full of lamb to use. Plus I love Moroccan flavours and have a stash of delicious ingredients from my honeymoon, Ras el Hanout, Orange Blossom water and thanks to hubby’s shopping we now have lots of dried fruit.

I have a beautiful ceramic tagine that I hope to use extensively this month, although I was organised enough to have soaked it today, so a heavy le creuset pan served instead to make this casserole (I think technically its only called a tagine after the pot)…

We started the month with this dish to use up some of the wonderfully seasonal new potatoes we had in the cupboard. This was a pretty simple dish, but it takes a while to cook. Mr M softened onions and garlic with ginger powder. Then browned the meat. A little water was added and then the mix was cooked for an hour to make it tender.  Peeled new potatoes were then added, cooked for 20 minutes.  To finish peas, parsley, chopped green olives and a diced preserved lemon went in for 5 minutes cooking before serving with bread.

This was packed full of flavour, sharp lemon tang, savoury olives, meaty lamb and sweet peas. The potatoes added their own delicate edge and a lovely textural contrast.  We both agreed 8 out of 10. A good start to the month.



One Response to “Lamb Tagine with potatoes and peas, day one of preserved lemon use”

  1. Nick O'Doherty June 1, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Great choice for June. I love the Morrocan desserts as well as their main dishes. Would you feature some of those as well? I recall they use honey. I can supply some:-)

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