Moussaka a little late… Also hard to photograph…

24 May

So this blog is the first in over a week. I’ve not been too well (and was a way for a bit) and Mr M reverts to being a beans on toast type of guy if he’s just cooking for himself. Can’t say I blame him, cooking alone is no fun and we started the blog to do together, month 5 and I’m not quite prepared to give up on it, even if this month is patchy.

So back to the subject line, the eminently Greek Moussaka. My mum makes a great one, but sadly I didn’t have her around to assist. I turned instead to Vefa’s Kitchen. I compiled the same ingredients as I know my mother would, beef mince, courgettes, aubergines and potatoes. I fried the mince with onions, garlic, tomatoes and cinnamon.  The aubergines were salted, left for half an hour, then fried. The courgettes were also fried. The potatoes were chopped thinly, but not parboiled. I also made a rich bechemel sauce, with eggs and halloumi. I laid all the potatoes at the bottom of the dish, covered with the some of the mince, veg, bechemal, repeated and finished with the bechemel. Baked for 35 minutes.  Served to hungry boy’s, tasty but not as good as Mum’s. Why? Less salt, cinnamon and frying equalled less flavour. Mr M still gave it a 9!



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