Monastery bean soup

10 May

This was another recipe from the Vefa’s Kitchen cookbook which has clear instructions, nice illustrations and many many recipies. However it doesn’t have much or any explanation for the origins of usual occasions for individual recipies, so the reason for this soup being listed as Mount Athos Monastery Bean Soup is unknown.

As an introduction to soups in general the cookbook says that “making a soup is a relaxed process that is more or less rule free… Simply simmer the ingredients in water or stock union they have yielded their flavours to the liquid.” I think this is a pretty neat description.

To that end, this dish contained a variety of vegetables, chiefly carrot, green peppers and tomatoes and a couple of types of tinned beans. One dried red chilli added spicy heat and some parsley, red wine vinegar and a little sugar added some refinement and the whole lot was simmered gently for an hour and served with some hard cheese.

A tasty and summery dish that was pretty filling for a soup not based on potatoes! Mr M scored it 8 out of 10.



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