Goat’s cheese and red pepper thin crust pizza

21 Apr

We went for a long walk today, so we’re pretty hungry when we got home.  A mountain of Pizza soon filled the gap 🙂

I cheated a little and made the pizza dough in the bread maker whilst we were out. When we goohome I rolled 2 things pizza bases out,  lightly dusting them with semolina for a bit of crunch.  I then placed them on oiled foil whilst I made the topping.

Red peppers were roasted in the oven, then peeled and chopped.  A base of tomato puree, passata, thyme and olive oil was mixed.  Goat’s cheese was sliced onto rounds and some parmesan into thin slices.

Pizza was swiftly assembled and cooked in a hot oven for just 10 minutes.

End result? A thin crispy base with just the right amount of topping, I was quite pleased with this recipe, it wouldn’t have seemed out place in the pizzerias I ate in during my visit to Italy.

8 out of 10, although I think it could have been higher!



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