Spicy lasagne with ricotta

10 Apr

Back in the driving seat after a week of holiday (and takeaways) it was time to make my version of the classic lasagne. The spicy lasagne with ricotta cheese was based on such a dish that I was served in a genuine Italian-type restaurant in Los Angeles.

Pancetta cubes, beef mince, garlic and onions were fried off. Next the spices, herbs and flavourings: sage and thyme from the garden, wholegrain mustard, English mustard, black pepper, dried red chillies and cayenne pepper. Finally the sauce was finished off with some tomato puree and half a tin of tomatoes.

While the meat sauce simmered away, I made a bechemel sauce and then layered it all with sheets of lasagne pasta and a little cheese on top.

The lasagne was then ovened for a while and served with carrots and asparagus and ketchup for Mrs M!

She scored it a fairly measley 7.5 out of 10 while I thought it deserved more… More thoroughly cooked pasta and perhaps some better accompaniments such as salad and garlic bread would have definitely improved the score. It was quite spicy, nearly too much so, but it worked well with the layer of ricotta cheese.

Mr M



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