Gnocchi in goats cheese sauce and finally a pud, orange and rosemary cake

3 Apr

With a little bit more time today I decided to make Gnocchi from scratch. They were quite simple, if a little mucky. First I boiled and mashed some potatoes.  These were mixed with flour and an egg to make dough. On a floured surface the dough was easier to handle, less cement like! I rolled it out into several long sausages. Then I cut small notches off to make the Gnocchi.

The sauce was made from finely chopped carrots, onions and celery sweated in butter until soft. Soft goats cheese was melted in with a splash of milk and lots of pepper.  Finally diced chives were added.  Once the sauce was done I boiled water to cook the Gnocchi in small batches. The Gnocchi were hard to separate from the plate I had rested them on, so they weren’t quite so perfectly shaped when they went in the pan.  Oops.  They soon rose to the top and were ready to be mixed into the sauce. Then we added some grated parmesan and tucked in.

I was quite pleased with this recipe, tasted good and wasn’t too heavy, which seemed like an achievement for Gnocchi. 8 out of 10.

As I was feeling super culinary I also made a polenta based orange and rosemary cake, with an orange syrup drizzle. Also pretty tasty, but quite dense for a cake!  It does have 2 whole oranges in it!



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