An end to Polish month, Bigos again

1 Apr

So our exploration of Polish food has come to an end. Mr M has promised to blog about the Olivier salad he made on Wed,  so I will stick to discussing Bigos.  We served this with home made Rye bread,  which was tasty,  but very dense and a bit rustic looking.
Bigos is Poland’s national dish and is a delicious many meat stew. Ours had beef, venison, pork and garlic sausage. These were browned and then cooked with onions, a smidge of garlic,  tomatoes, prunes,  a whole jar of Sauerkraut and some stock. This is simmered for a few hours. Then cooled, cooked again to allow the flavours to infuse. Lovely.  We vote 9 out of 10. A nice high to finish on.

Overall Polish month is lagging behind Indian which is still our joint fave.  High hopes for Italian month, we have been spoilt for choice with an abundance of recipes and cookbooks to choose from.  My recent week in Italy has inspired me, especially looking forward to lots of vegetables. And Dolce.



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