Meat loaf

25 Mar

Listed in our cookbook as a Serbian, rather than Polish, recipe – we still felt that this was in the spirit of the month. Several types of meat and plenty of it, this would surely be popular in Poland, or there would be a similar dish there too.

This was dinner last night, tonight and possibly tomorrow – there was a lot of it!

I lined a loaf tin with tin foil and then bacon whilst frying onions and more bacon. At the same time, breadcrumbs soaked up some milk and were combined with two eggs, some herbs and black pepper and pork and beef mince. All this was combined together and crammed into the loaf tin, with some more slices of bacon on top to finish. After 1 and 3/4 hours in a hot oven it was done.

Served the first night with some pickles, steamed greens and boiled carrots. Tonight I cut off a few slices and fried those whilst boiling up a mash of swede, potatoes and carrots. Served, of course, with some more pickled beetroot.

It took a long time to cook to begin with, but given that I’ll be eating it for a while, that has balanced out. I was looking forward to some meatloaf and this didn’t disappoint. I’ve eaten meatloaf before without pork and with some red chillies in it which I liked a lot and will have to squeeze onto the menu at some point (but who knows which month!)

Scoring 8.5 out of 10, this was tasty and filling.

Mr M


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