Pork two ways: with mushroom sauce and with sauerkraut

15 Mar



Two pork dishes over two nights.  One from the recipe book (The Illustrated Food and Cooking of Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe) largely accurately and the other more loosely based on a recipe.

The first, yesterday, was pork schnitzel. Pork steaks were battered with a rolling pin and coated with plain flour with some black pepper. They were then fried for 4 minutes per side.

Alongside, mashed potatoes boiled away and a sauce was prepared. Bacon, onions and mushrooms were fried and accompanied by soured cream, mushrooms, mustard and a splash of white wine.

Thrown together with some spinach and tomato, this was really good. The sauce was delicious and the pork was just right.  The first mash potatoes for a long time also helped add up to 9.5 out of 10!

Today the pork (on buy one get one free) made a comeback. This time served with boiled potatoes tossed with butter and dill. Chopped pork pieces were fried and accompanied by more mushrooms and some sauerkraut. Simple, tasty and authentic: 7.5 out of 10.


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