10 Mar




A traditional Polish dish tonight and one that Mr M had eaten before in Poland.  The name means little pigeons.  The dish is pigeon free but tasty nonetheless.  I think the name is meant to reflect the way the cabbage leaves wrapped around the meat stuffing are a similar size and shape to a pigeon breast.

The dish is essentially a cabbage leaf with a minced meat stuffing baked in a sour cream and tomato sauce.  Sauce aside its a similar concept to the Greek Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) which are also delicious.

I blanched big savoy cabbage leaves for a few minutes and then set them aside.  I cooked rice whilst frying the pork with onions.  The pork was flavoured with coriander (fresh and ground), stock and seasoning.  Pork and rice were combined to make the stuffing.  A couple of heaped spoonfuls of mix went onto each leaf,  which I then carefully rolled up and placed in a baking dish.  Cream,  lemon, a bay leaf and tomato puree were then heated in a pan, and then poured over the pigeons.

35 minutes of baking later and dinner was served.  I really enjoyed the cabbage, tender meat and tangy sauce.  Mr M thought it was very authentic and gave it 9 out of 10. Good times.  We have guests tomorrow so Polish take away shall be had,  but Saturday will see us attempt homemade Pierogi and possibly a pudding…

Phone seems to have eaten pictures, which is a shame as it was a cool meal visually,  lots of colours, textural contrast and now there is no way to show how they looked like pigeons.


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