Braised fish and vegetables

9 Mar


Another virtuous meal, or at least it might have been with a bit less butter!

The recipe called for carp or some sort of river fish, reflecting the greater proportion of freshwater fish in Polish cooking compared with the UK. A logical difference based on geography, as the Polish coastline is proportionally very small compared to that of our island. We, however, had some salmon and so that was what we used.

Into a good sized pan went a large amount of butter and a chopped onion. After this had softened for a short while, it was accompanied by celery, carrot and button mushrooms. On top of this we placed the skinned and sliced fillets of fish and some salt and pepper. As I hate fishbones, I had spent a good few minutes picking the all out by hand. Rather fiddly but definitely worth it.

The recipe dictated a simmer / braise of 25 to 30 minutes, but this would probably have been too much. In the end we gave it just under 20 an served with hunks of bread.

Simple but tasty, it worked well with the salmon and it was nice to have a few more mushrooms (not sure if I’ll feel the same after another couple of weeks though!) 8.5 out of 10.

Mr M


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