Mr M’s Borscht recipe (or borsch or barszcz…)

6 Mar

A couple of days delay in posting this one as I was hosting Mr Dave and provided him the borscht that I’d made on Friday night for his Saturday lunch. He rated it 9 out of 10, so it must have been good!

Although the recipe books we have do list borscht and ways to make it, I already had my own recipe up my sleeve. It is based on a recipe I’d found a few years ago but I’d added an ingredient or two and so claim it all as my own 🙂

A lot of frying and softening is the first order of the day. Polish sausage (any fat garlicy or tasty sausage will do) and a good amount of chorizo (not a traditional ingredient, but it works very nicely) are first fried in their own fat in the frying pan to make the most of their flavour. For a vegetarian version, you would have to sustitute a good handful of spices to get the flavours that would normally come from these fragrant and tasty sausages.

The juices stay in the pan and are used (along with a good amount more oil) to fry and flavour the other main ingredients of: onions, celery, garlic and – of course – beetroot. The beetroot had an amazing colour, a nice purple on the skins (under the brown mud) and then really deep red flesh. All of this gets thrown into the biggest cooking pot available along with salt and black pepper, some chunks of potato, a couple of tins of tomatoes, a couple of bay leaves and some water to cover it all.

After an hour or so simmering away, the soup is done. The quantities I used means that this is a substantial and chunky soup! More of a selection of vegetables with some sauce – but that’s how I like my soup. A dollop of sour cream provides the finishing touch to serve.

Normally I’d also throw in a few spoons of raspberry vinegar too, which sounds odd but works very nicely. Unfortunately we are all out and it is hard to find in the shops. Even so, the soup came out very nicely and Mr Dave was pleased with his filling and unusual lunch.

Mr M


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